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A Process Centered on Your Needs

Our nationally recognized*, four-step process takes a holistic approach to identify your present financial position, your current and future needs, and your readiness to move forward.  

Our independent, open architecture ensures that you have access to the “best of breed” products and solutions from a wide range of highly rated companies and asset classes. This open architecture, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of complex life insurance planning and tax laws, allow us to develop the best possible strategies for wealth preservation and transfer, and business and estate distribution goals while leveraging tax strategies to significantly reduce or eliminate the tax burden on your estate.

  1. Evaluate – We start by conducting holistic audit of your family’s current financial situation so we can fully understand your needs, visions and values. We then use a proprietary model to develop a comprehensive view of your current position, including cash flow, tax reduction strategies and estate distribution projects, which we compare to your needs and objectives.
  2. Explore - Knowing your specific situation and objectives allows us to fully explore your options, including opportunities not previously considered. An in-depth, thorough analysis identifies both gaps and opportunities you may have missed by not having a fully integrated view of your current situation.  We then offer alternative strategies and solutions to help you realize your goals.
  3. Execute - We understand that not everything needs to happen at once.  We work with our clients to outline sophisticated strategies that speak to your situation and vision in plain English and then help you to prioritize these strategies.  We then work with you and your other providers to ensure the implementation of each component is coordinated and integrated within your overall plan.
  4. Evolve - We understand that life isn’t static, and that plans need to evolve to reflect changes in your life.  A significant event, unexpected expenses or income, or a change in tax legislation all can impact reality versus intention.  We check in with you regularly to understand changes in your life or to share changes in the environment that might impact your plan.  These regular check-ins help us to ensure your plan is always evolving to reflect your needs.

* Sagemark’s process has been nationally recognized by the Financial Planning Association.