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What Sets Us Apart

We are keenly aware that our clients have access to world-class wealth management firms and are truly humbled by their decision to allow us to serve their planning, investment and life insurance needs. Time and time again our clients reference five key reasons they originally selected us and continue to work with us through the years:

  • A nationally recognized process* centered on wealth management and preservation. Honed over decades, our process was designed specifically to solve the unique challenges of successful individuals. Working in collaboration with our clients and their other advisors we develop bespoke plans that integrate all aspects of your estate and wealth plans.
  • A proprietary financial condition model that facilitates decision making through understanding. Sagemark’s financial model is unique in that it allows us to understand the financial impact of not only your existing strategies, but also those that we propose based on your unique circumstances The model takes into account the short and long- term impact of taxation, inflation, returns as well as projected cash flow so that we can develop a plan that best meets your current and future needs.
  • A deep knowledge of life insurance and tax laws to help you preserve and transfer assets. When incorporated correctly, life insurance can preserve assets, protect business interests, provide estate liquidity, and fulfill charitable bequests with its unique tax properties. Our comprehensive knowledge of complex life insurance planning (both traditional life products as well as private placements) and tax laws allows us todeliver unique solutions to ensure the best possible wealth transfer strategy.
  • A focus on education as well as delivery. We believe it’s as important to help you plan as it is to make sure you understand each decision and are comfortable with the planned outcome. We believe education breeds confidence, and go to great lengths to educate our clients and their heirs. Over the years, we have observed that clients do not make financial and economic decisions unless they fully understand the strategy and its impact. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with confidence that you have made the right decisions for you and your family.
  • Next generation technology to help you manage your affairs. In 2015, with the help of the growing availability of cloud-based technology, we launched a state-of-the-art client portal that allows our clients to have a complete picture of their wealth at their fingertips. This portal, called myWealthlink, acts as a central repository to organize all your important information, including account details and estate documents, by storing everything in a secure, personal, web site that is updated in real-time, and able to be accesses from anywhere in the world.

The long term benefit of these advantages to our clients is immeasurable. Many clients have used our services through multiple generations to truly take care of their families, in a way they previously had thought was not possible. Not only have they grown and protected their wealth by avoiding unnecessary taxation, they have received practical advice on best practices to minimize the family conflict that so often accompanies wealth transfer. As a result, many have built and left lasting legacies that have allowed them to transfer significantly more wealth to both the next generation and chosen charities than would have been possible through their previous plans.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family to do the same.

*Sagemark’s process has been nationally recognized by the Financial Planning Association.